General conditions for the provision of services: Transfer of ITV vehicles.

  1. OBJECT.

These General Conditions are established for the regular terms and conditions of the provision of Collection and Delivery Services to pass the ITV by LINEA DIRECTA ASISTENCIA (hereinafter LD ASISTENCIA) of vehicles owned by customers who have previously received said said service via telephone (hereinafter, the CLIENT).


The provision of the service is offered for the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and may in the future expand its geographical scope.


The contracting of the services indicated in clause 1, request the client through the telephone number provided for this purpose: 900123050 where he will request an appointment. We will proceed to make an appointment with a client (day, time and specific place). The vehicle will be collected and once the ITV has passed, the vehicle will be delivered back to the client at the agreed place.

Appointments are made at least TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours before the service is provided.

The service will be charged through virtual POS and will include Fees and Transfer. The services indicated “No clients present” will be billed at the price of the service specifically requested (specifically the transfer).

It is understood by stories services, when at the time of collection, this can not be done for any reason external to the service provider, stories such as the vehicle or the customer are not located in the aforementioned place, or that at that time are not available.


– Vehicle pick-up: The service includes the pick-up of the vehicle by LD ASISTENCIA at the place and time informed by the CUSTOMER previously agreed upon in the appointment provided in the hiring of the service for its transfer to an ITV station.

The transfer will be made to the closest ITV to the customer’s home or one of the ITVs with which there is a collaboration agreement.

  • Vehicle custody: The custody of the vehicle during the duration of the Technical Inspection of the Vehicle, as well as the necessary steps to carry it out, by the authorized technicians of the Inspection.
  • Vehicle delivery: The vehicle will be delivered to the final destination address indicated by the CLIENT.

The Collection and Delivery Services of the Vehicles will be carried out from Monday to Friday, working hours, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In no case will this service be provided in the event that the legally established period to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles or any legal impediment to carry out the transfer has elapsed.


Once the inspection has been carried out, if no anomaly has been detected, the CUSTOMER is given the favorable report and a sticker or badge (where the date of the next revision appears), which must be placed in a clearly visible place in the vehicle.

If anomalies are detected, the inspection can be classified as:

  • Unfavorable: the vehicle is disabled for driving and can automatically be used to go to the highest point where anomalies are to be repaired and return to the ITV facilities for a new inspection.
  • Negative: the deficiencies detected in the vehicle are of such severity that it affects a danger for the occupants of the car and for the rest of the users of the public thoroughfare, for which reason their transfer to the highest must be carried out by means of a crane or any another means that does not involve the circulation of the car.

In these cases, an anomaly report must be met and delivered to the user, the consumer must correct it within a period not exceeding two months.

Whether the inspection is favorable or unfavorable, LD ASSISTANCE, return the vehicle to the same collection location, save the vehicle without sea declared fit to circulate, in which case the owner can choose to contract a tow service or withdraw it at his own risk.

In unfavorable ITV cases, LD ASISTENCIA will not be responsible for passing the ITV again, unless the client requests a new service, in this case charging the transfer without fees.


LD ASISTENCIA has sufficient personnel, with the necessary qualifications and administrative permits to provide the specific services that are requested through the operations described in this clause.

LD ASISTENCIA is responsible at all times that the staff who provide the Pickup and Delivery Service available with a valid driving license and valid according to Spanish regulations and certified that the service is covered by the corresponding professional civil liability policy.

However, the foregoing shall be the responsibility of the owner of the available Vehicle of an insurance in force, which covers the civil liability in the circulation of motor vehicles, and which allows the driving of the Vehicle by the Collection and Delivery Staff of LD ASSISTANCE during the period in which the transfer service to ITV is performed.


The CLIENT must provide the person who picks up his vehicle with the following essential documentation to pass the ITV:

  • Technical inspection card.
  • Movement permit.
  • Technical inspection report (in case it is not the first time).
  • Mandatory insurance in force.

Apart from the indicated documentation, the CLIENT will accredit being up to date with the payment of the compulsory circulation insurance in the previous clause.


The price of the service described in the clauses of these general conditions will be THIRTY-FIVE (35) EUROS for the transfer plus the price of the rates that correspond to each vehicle to which the ITV passes. This amount may vary according to different campaigns).

The collection of said service will be made through a virtual POS upon contracting the service. In this price, the fees corresponding to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles and their transfer are included.

In the cases in which the CLIENT requests a second collection of his vehicle before the expiration of the second inspection, the CLIENT must pay the amount indicated in the preceding paragraph for the transfer of the vehicle.


– The vehicle will be inspected ocularly by the driver and any possible damage will be noted whenever appropriate. If the CLIENT refuses to verify with the driver the condition of the vehicle in the delivery, he will receive the notes made by him as valid.

– LD ASSISTANCE, there is no charge for valuables in the vehicle, as long as they have not been expressly identified by the client to the driver who picks up the vehicle, leaving written evidence of them.

– LD ASISTENCIA will not be responsible for the electrical or mechanical cables of the vehicle on the way to pick up and return the vehicle.

– In no case affected the defects detected by the Inspection.

10.- OTHERS.

– The vehicle must have enough fuel to perform the service. The transfer cannot be made in the event that the vehicle is in a reserve situation for the fuel tank.

– The collected vehicles can be moved by ITV personnel within its facilities in order to provide the agreed service.

– The return of the vehicle will only be made to the same person who delivered it unless the client expressly indicates otherwise through written authorization.

– No vehicles will be transferred to pass the ITV when the legally established period to pass the ITV has ended.


The possible variation or modification, total or partial, of the General Conditions can be made by LD ASISTENCIA, announcing it on the web Said variation, even the execution without prior notice, will not generate any responsibility for LD ASISTENCIA and in any case, the web and the phone 900123050, will find operational reports in order to inform the CLIENT in this regard.


These General Conditions are governed in all their extremes and all effects by Spanish law. To resolve any controversy or litigation matter related to the existence, validity, interpretation, execution or extinction of these General Conditions, the parties, sometimes the courts of Madrid capital.